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[Mp3] Blues Saraceno - Discografia[.][.]


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Blues Saraceno
01-Last Train Out-Blues Saraceno-Plaid.mp3   3.18 MB
02-Elvis Talking (You Think It's over But It's Not)-Blues Saraceno-Plaid.mp3   4.73 MB
03-Scratch-Blues Saraceno-Plaid.mp3   3.74 MB
04-Friday's Walk-Blues Saraceno-Plaid.mp3   4.09 MB
05-Little More Cream, Please-Blues Saraceno-Plaid.mp3   3.64 MB
06-Girth-Blues Saraceno-Plaid.mp3   3.25 MB
07-Lighter Shade of Plaid-Blues Saraceno-Plaid.mp3   5.71 MB
08-Cat's Squirrel-Blues Saraceno-Plaid.mp3   3.41 MB
09-L.A. Vignette-Blues Saraceno-Plaid.mp3   1.99 MB
10-Exit 21-Blues Saraceno-Plaid.mp3   4.83 MB
11-Tommy Gun-Blues Saraceno-Plaid.mp3   5.88 MB
Folder.jpg   13.96 KB
01-Remember When-Blues Saraceno-Never Look Back.mp3   3.44 MB
02-Never Look Back-Blues Saraceno-Never Look Back.mp3   4.17 MB
03-Full Tank-Blues Saraceno-Never Look Back.mp3   3.94 MB
04-Jay Walkin'-Blues Saraceno-Never Look Back.mp3   4.35 MB
05-Deliverance-Blues Saraceno-Never Look Back.mp3   3.7 MB
06-Shakes-Blues Saraceno-Never Look Back.mp3   4.99 MB
07-Before the Storm-Blues Saraceno-Never Look Back.mp3   6.47 MB
08-Funk No. 49-Blues Saraceno-Never Look Back.mp3   5.05 MB
09-Jitter Blast-Blues Saraceno-Never Look Back.mp3   2.11 MB
10-Frazin'-Blues Saraceno-Never Look Back.mp3   4.56 MB
Folder.jpg   11.49 KB
01-Stinky Kitty-Blues Saraceno-Hairpick-Rock.mp3   6.17 MB
02-Rabbit Soup-Blues Saraceno-Hairpick-Rock.mp3   3.79 MB
03-My Generation-Blues Saraceno-Hairpick-Rock.mp3   4.42 MB
04-King for a Day-Blues Saraceno-Hairpick-Rock.mp3   5.27 MB
05-Pretty People-Blues Saraceno-Hairpick-Rock.mp3   4.42 MB
06-Feedin' the Box-Blues Saraceno-Hairpick-Rock.mp3   4.75 MB
07-Fat Padding-Blues Saraceno-Hairpick-Rock.mp3   4.55 MB
08-Far from Home-Blues Saraceno-Hairpick-Rock.mp3   4.48 MB
09-Chewing on Crayons-Blues Saraceno-Hairpick-Rock.mp3   4.4 MB
10-Bouree-Blues Saraceno-Hairpick-Rock.mp3   5.13 MB
Folder.jpg   10.43 KB

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