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Garry's Mod 11 [No-Steam-Stable-Working-MP-Content-Pack-More]


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CONTENT_GCFs.7z   1.93 GB
GMOD_GCFs.7z   1.65 GB
TOOLS.7z   2.53 MB
Readme fool.txt   7.48 KB

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Garry's Mod 11




Here i am again! For sometime i was bothering about a crappy bug, in Multiplayer, the undo one....,you know.. if i

wanna delete my props, it deletes my mate\\\'s too. It\\\'s really annoying.So i was thinking to prepare a new fresh GMOD,

again UPDATED, and now its in GCF mode not standalone. Thanks to the MiSteam creators making this awesome tool that,

now we can prepare our fresh update GCF\\\'s into a standalone high performance Garry\\\'s Mod. So here we are. I hope you

will enjoy this release as you enjoyed the another one. PLEASE READ IT ALL. ITS A README, YOU KNOW.


About Garry's Mod


Garry's Mod is a modification of Source Engine.It is a physics sandbox game that allows players to manipulate

objects and experiment with physics.Garry\\\'s Mod requires at least one Source based game to play like Half-Life 2

or Team Fortress 2. First Garry\\\'s Mod was released in 2005 allowing player shoot manhacks and rope things together.

Since then Garry's Mod gone through eleven versions, adding more and more features until it became the established

community-based sandbox game it is today.


System Requirements


Minimum: CPU:With at least 1.8 GHz frequency.

         GPU:With at least 128 MB RAM and DirectX7,8,9 Support.

         RAM:At least 256 MB RAM.

         Internet Connection.

         WindowsXP,Windows Vista,Windows 7

Recommended: CPU:With Dual-Core or Quad-Core

             GPU:Minimum 512 MB RAM with DirectX7,8,9,10 Support.

             RAM: 2048 MB RAM (2 GB)

             Broadband Internet Connection (100/1000 MBps)

             WindowsXP,Windows Vista,Windows 7




-Fresh Standalone

-Easy Update

-Works with all Addons

-Ultra Stable

-SinglePlayer and Multiplayer Works Perfect

-Portal,HL2,HL:S,CSS,L4D,Lost Coast Contents Included


-And much more...


Bugs Fixed


-The undo bug in multiplayer is fixed (i guess)

-The shortcut problem is also fixed

-And many more bug fixes by Garry :)


Installation Instructions


NOTE: These steps are very important so be very carefull!

NOTE2: If you dont understand English use Google Translator, don't tell me that you don't understand this or that


NOTE3: Make sure you have 7zip and .NET Framework 3.5 installed!

NOTE4: If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 make sure you have DirectX9 installed!





1.Extract GMOD_GCFs and TOOLS with the latest 7zip.

2.After you extracted these archives go inside TOOLS folder and extract MiSteamPrep and MiSteamTools.

3.After you extracted them go inside MiSteamPrep folder and copy ALL its contest to MiSteamTools folder overwriting.

4.After you "installed" MiSteamPrep, open it.

5.After you opened it, it will bring up a Window.

6.At Cache File Folder box type in your location to GMOD_GCFs folder. (eg.: C:\\\\GarrysMod11\\\\GMOD_GCFs)

7.At GCF Content Folder box type in your location where you want to install Garry\\\'s Mod. (eg.: C:\\\\Games\\\\Garrysmod11)

8.Above Cache File Folder box click OPTIONS.

9.At MiSteamPrep options tab look down and you will find some checked boxes like Quit after process ... etc.

10.Check Extract full cache files box.

11.Go to Steam Options tab near MiSteamPrep options tab.

12.At Player Name box type in your Nick name for InGame, then the rest below it modify as you wish ( but be carefull

and modify just if you know what to do).

13.Go to Laucher Options tab near Steam Options tab.

14.Here you can check WHERE and WHAT shortcuts do you want to create.

15.Go again to Cache File Preparation Tab above MiSteam Options tab.

16.Look down on that box where your Garrys Mod is in there, it should show a exclamation icon near it telling you

that the content ISN't PREPARED YED.

17.Click once on it so it should HighLight then press the "Play" button in Lower Right of the window. (Below those

4 buttons)

18.Wait until the Garry's Mod installs.

19.Go to your installation folder (there should be your Shortcuts too)

20.Play and Enjoy.


Content Installation


1.Extract the CONTENT_GCFs archive with the latest 7zip.

2.Go to your Garrys Mod INSTALLATION folder.

3.There should be a "rev" config file.

4.Open it up with Notepad or whatever.

5.Search for "CachePath" line and modify the location line to your CONTENT_GCFs location FOLDER.

(eg.: C:\GarrysMod11\CONTENT_GCFs)

6.Go ingame

7.Press GMod Settings and check that your contents are marked.




NOTE: You must have a STEAM account to make update. (It DOESN't count if it's NON-Steam or Genuine)

1.Go inside your extracted TOOLS folder.

2.Run CFToolboxSetup

3.Install CFToolbox

4.Run CFToolbox (NOTE:When you first run CFToolbox it may ask you for your Steamapps folder. You should input your

GMOD_GCFs folder location.

5.Go to PREFERENCES tab.

6.Look a bit down for ACCOUNTS.

7.Click New.

8.In account name and password boxes, input your Account name and password. (Be carefull, CASE SENSITIVE).

9.Click Set.

10.Go to GCF/NCF Files tab.

11.There you should have listed ur Garrysmod GCFs (If they are Outdated, it should tell you, Then click the outdated

GCF, right click it,go to Download, and RESUME.

12.After you\\\'ve updated your GMOD Content. Exit CFToolbox.

13.Go to MiSteamPrep again.

14.Set your Cache File Folder again to your GMOD_GCFs Folder.

15.Set your GCF Content Again to your Garrysmod installation folder.

16.Press again the "Play" button to prepare your new fresh updated content. (Note that your addons won\\\'t be modifyed)




Good. I have some comments to tell you here. Multiplayer Works fine on Non-Steam servers but there is a BAD too.

I recommend playing with someone trusted like your friend or your buddyes. I do so :D. Because out there, those

untrusted servers are ussualy full of NOOBS, destroying your creation, just wasting time ...

Make sure that you and the server have the SAME versions and the SAME addons. Or it will not work or work unlikely.




-Garry's Mod Team - Kickass team

-MiSteam Creators - Kickass tool

-CFToolbox        - Kickass tool

-cs.rin.ru        - Kickass community


Thank you for downloading GMOD 11 2.0. I hope you will enjoy playing. Please READ ALL README and DON\\\'T ask stupid

questions in Comments. NOTE AGAIN THIS IS A NON-STEAM Game it will NOT work JUST on NON-STEAM servers. If you LIKE

THIS GAME THEN BUY IT. Thank you again. Have fun.


CONTACT: just4fun49@hotmail.com


Updated 1 year ago

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