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The Beatles Stereo Box Set 2009 CD IMAGE FILES


Posted on June 12, 2011 in Music » Rock , downloaded 328 times

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Internal Files

The Beatles Stereo Box Set Image Files 2009
PLEASE_PLEASE_ME.nrg   545.02 MB
WITH_THE_BEATLES.nrg   532.81 MB
Folder.jpg   132.73 KB
FessUp!.jpg   27.3 KB
HARD_DAYS_NIGHT.nrg   519.94 MB
BEATLES_FOR_SALE.nrg   561.99 MB
HELP.nrg   548.62 MB
FessUp!.jpg   27.3 KB
RUBBER_SOUL.nrg   564.44 MB
FessUp!.jpg   27.3 KB
REVOLVER.nrg   568.86 MB
FessUp!.jpg   27.3 KB
SGT_PEPPER.nrg   626.71 MB
Magical Mystery Tour.nrg   580.15 MB
The Beatles White Album CD1.nrg   468.81 MB
FessUp!.jpg   27.3 KB
The Beatles White Album CD2.nrg   707.25 MB
FessUp!.jpg   27.3 KB
(a) Disc Image.jpg   11.51 MB
Abbey Road.nrg   697.09 MB
Let It Be.nrg   584.27 MB
Torrent downloaded from   46 Byte

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I downloaded these when they first came out in 2009. The gentleman that uploaded these made image files out of the brand new discs. Use a program like Daemon Tools Lite to mount the images onto a virtual drive. You can than use a different program (like Nero) to burn the image files as an exact CD that will play in any CD player.

FLAC is of course gaining popularity and I have a copy of them stored on my PC. You can mount the images and make your own flac version of the individual songs or album, complete with .CUE files

As pointed out by a poster in the Mono Box Set download, these are the only ones that have the embedded video clips. The clips will play as quicktime files in Itunes, or any other quicktime video player.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM or post a comment, and I will do my best to answer it.

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