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Wii Sports Resort [WBFS] (RZTE01) {NTSC} [wiiGM]


Posted on February 11, 2011 in Games » Wii , downloaded 656 times

Size: 700.3 MB , Seeds: 84 , Peers: 8 ( Updated October 25, 2014 - Refresh )

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RZTE01 Wii Sports Resort
RZTE01.wbfs   700 MB

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Hello fellow Wii gamers,

This rom is part of my collection of wii roms in WBFS format. I will make an effort to seed it when I can, and I will seed it often, but I am also relying on leechers to seed when I am not able to.
If you find that it is not being seeded, usually there is a time when it will be seeded in the next 24 hours.. so be patient.

All of the games in my collection, even those labeled "PAL" have been tested and work perfectly on my NTSC Wii console with USB Loader GX, with the setting "Force NTSC" on. I have had the most success using these roms on a WBFS formatted drive, rather than FAT32 or NTFS.

If you want to convert this game back to ISO for any reason (to modify it), I recommend locating the program Wii Game Manager (the latest version is Then use WBFS manager to put it on your drive, and always add games to a WBFS formatted drive one at a time.

You have my assurance that this game is complete and tested, plus nothing has been taken out whatsoever (like video cut-scenes, extra visuals, etc). The reason this game might be smaller in size than the original ISO file is the result of super-compression only.

For game covers visit and type in the 6-digit game ID in the title of this torrent.

Have fun and happy gaming! And please seed for a while!


The Wii Game Master

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